April 21, 2014

February 17, 2014

monday morning

Photos taken on not so typical Monday morning...because I've just started my winter break - two weeks of freedom!

Zdjęcia z pierwszego dnia ferii - poniedzałkowe poranki wreszcie zmieniły swój wydźwięk!

January 19, 2014


I turned 17 on Friday! I'm not 'sweet sixten' anymore but I hope my life will be as sweet as it's possible. I don't know what can I wish for - I just want my life to be as crazy as always because everything is about good memories and fighting for your dreams!

January 12, 2014


(wearing vintage dress, michael kors bag, h&m scarf, zara hat)

January 4, 2014


2013 was easily the best year of my life, so let's see what happend...
2013 to zdecydowanie najlepszy rok, więc powspominajmy co się wydarzyło...
In January I:
-turned 16!
-had my first interview about fashion for local radio station
-visited London with my Mum
-had my prom!

In February I:
-redecorated my room 
-was playing with gold accessories
-was living in winter wonderland - snow was everywhere!
-got cute gifts from my family

In March I:
-spent night in the same hotel as Justin Bieber and saw one of his Believe Tour shows!
-cleaned my room because of Spring!
-started to fell Spring and positive atmosphere around me
-spent Easter in Berlin

In April I:
-saw Spring Breakers
-had my first coffee outside in 2013
-started to eat healthy again
-was wearing too many black items!

In May I:
-spent a few days in Hamburg with my friends and went to see One Direction
-spent a really crazy day at Heide Park in germany with my girls
-went for a walk with my family
-saw Pink live

In June I:
-visited Poznań with my firnds
-redecorated my room so it was really girly
-posted my make-up post
-ate my first strawberries

In July I:
-bought the craziest shoes ever
-made a flower wreath
-saw Rihanna at the biggest music festival in Poland
-visited Berlin

In August I:
-visited Spain
-was walking with palm trees around
-was picking off tangarines straight from the tree
-visited Denmark

In September I:
-visited Frankfurt
-drank my first Pumpkin Spice Latte
-met Selena Gomez
-was spending hours at my favorite cafe with lots of homework

In October I:
-fell in love with walks through the city
-loved wearing red
-had cozy sushi nights
-was crazy about military green/black combinations

In November I:
-created one of my favourite outfits from the blog
-my candle obsession went too far...
-dyed my hair black...and it was the worst decision ever!
-was spending more time in my cozy room

In December I:
-visited Christmas market in Berlin
-baked gingerbreads
-was spending hours at the cafe but no homework this time
-was wearing tons of all black combinations

December 30, 2013

black fur

(monnari jacket, reserved fake fur vest, river island skirt, zara boots)